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Yellow Sugar Bowl

Looking for a new sugar bowl? Look no further than this! This one is new and unused, perfect for your kitchen!

Yellow Sugar Bowl Amazon

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Best Yellow Sugar Bowl

This beautiful yellow sugar bowl is perfect for your sweet potatoes! It is made of creamer and has a little open sugar bowl to ensure that your sweet potatoes are always cooked. The bowl is also easy to clean, so you can always get to the deliciousness! this is a great vintage fiesta ware yellow sugar bowl! It has a lid that makes it easy to serve yellow sugar! The bowl is fiestaware homer laughlin china and it is made of metal. It is large and is perfect for serving yellow sugar! this yellow sugar bowl has alimpet on the front and a brown mark on the back. There is a hole in the middle of the bowl which is perfect for stuffing things into. It is also easy to clean - just pass a bowl’s worth of sugar over it and it will take care of business. This is a yellow sugar bowl made in 2 vintage by vintenge. It is a great addition to any kitchen and perfect for playing with your milk and sugar mixture.