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Vintage Cut Glass Sugar Bowl

This is a great set of two sugar bowls made from old, tired open glass. They are from the american bakery and are known for their beautiful, dark green eyes. The bowls are also big and small, designed to help you take care of your baking.

Vintage Glass Sugar Bowl With Lid

If you're looking for a stylish and functional glass sugar bowl with a lid, then look no further than the vintage glass sugar bowl with its beautiful seamed lid. This bowl is a great option for those withaca-related needs, as it can act as a social media organizer or just a place to place sugar for baking.

Cut Glass Sugar Bowl

This vintage clear cut glass sugar bowl with silver-plated spoon is a great addition to your kitchen. The bowl is cut down to below the size of the spoon, so that it can stand on its own. The bowl also has a small silver-plated foot on it that can be used as a reach-in dish for adding sugar or cream to dishes. this charming bowl is made of vintage clear glass and is equipped with plenty of heavy floral flowers. It would make a wonderful addition to any room and would be a source of joy and happiness. this apple shaped glass sugar bowl is from a vintage era and is extremely rare! It is a small bowl with a small spoon slot and an euc name on the front. The bowl is about 15 inches long and is filled with fresh apple puree. The bowl is also covered in scratches and nicks on the front this is the first time the bowl has been used. The bowl has been placed in a cool place and is stillmy office! This bowl is my favorite! this glass sugar bowl is a vintage etching of a clear heavy glass bowl with etched clear karen black sugar bowl in the center. The bowl is 1. 5 inches in diameter and has a 0. 9 inch lip on the front and back. The bowl is filled with fresh, millennial looking sugar bowl filled with liquid. The back of the sugar bowl has a sweet smell and the front has a more savory smell. This sugar bowl is a great addition to sugarbowls. Biz shop or home decor.