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Sugar Bowl With Lid And Spoon

This sugar bowl with lid and spoon has a 7 oz capacity for larger items. The ceramic salt pepper storage jar is good for small items (1-1. 5 ounces). The porcelain sugar bowl has a comfortable spoons and is ideal for thanksgiving or winter.

Sugar Bowl With Lid And Spoon Amazon

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Sugar Bowl With Lid And Spoon Walmart

This sugar bowl has a stainless steel sugar pot with a clear lid and spoon drum shape. It is perfect for serving sugar up! The sugar bowl is also dishwasher safe so you can keep your sugar mess clean. this is a delicious sugar bowl with a lid and a spoon. The bowl is a) apple themed! ; and b) it comes with a lid and spoon. So easy! this old fashioned sugar bowl and lid set is the perfect way to enjoy your kitchen again. The spoon and lids make it easy to test differents spices and head to the kitchenifacts while they're cooking. Plus, the fun of using sugar and salt together is a perfect match for test cooking recipies. this sugar bowl has 12 ounces of porcelain sugar inside and a lid. The sugar is hot and makes a great baking sweetener. The sugar bowl is 12 ounces so it takes up about 2 cups of space in your kitchen. The sugar bowl is perfect for baking or cooking and is perfect with any meal.