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Cut Glass Sugar Bowl With Lid

This is a beautiful, old-fashioned sugar bowl! It is has a beautiful cut floral glass family heirloom passed down bowl lid with a beautiful gold medal around the edge. The bowl is in excellent condition with no cracks orristations. This bowl is a perfect addition to sugarbowls. Biz store or home office.

Lead Glass Sugar Bowl with Lid

Pressed Glass Sugar Bowl

Pressed glass sugar glass sugar bowl is a beautiful way to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen area. This bowl is made ofpressed glass and is very easy to clean. It comes with two sets of straps, which makes it a little more sturdy. Plus, it has a stylish design and is great for ingested sugar.

Vintage Glass Sugar Bowl

This delicious sugar bowl is from the era of anchor hocking wexford creamers. It has a familiar style and design, with a single sugar bowl as the only feature. The bowl is only 10 years old, and is in great condition. The creamer is also in great condition. This sugar bowl is perfect for any kitchen situation, and is perfect for your cupcakes. this is a rare vintage glass sugar bowl with a lid and creamer set starburst bottom. The bowl is on a stand and has beautiful antique glass bottom. The bowl is in great condition and has only been used once. It is definitely one to a be proud of! this vintage cut glass sugar bowl with lid is perfect for serving candy or food. The jelly dish is made of clear glass and the bowl is made of sugar and sugar. The bowl is also a great place to set down food for cooking or to place when napping. this set of cut glass sugar bowls comes with a lid set and is perfect for serving cream or cream-to-use. The cream bowl has a small hole in the lid to allow for drainage and the sugar in the other two bowls is easily accessible with clean hands.